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Keep your eyes open when selling gold!

Altgold-Experte Michael Deucker – Altgoldberater Wiesbaden

Old Gold Advisor Michael Deucker

With me you will find everything you need to consider when selling old gold. Trust my expertise - for high returns on your items!

Consulting services


Altgoldberatung führt zu besseren Ergebnissen bei den Goldankäufern.

Do you want to sell your old gold for the best possible price? And are you wondering: Which gold buyer will offer me the best possible value? Here you will find answers. Because I will advise you personally on how and to which buyer you can best sell jewelry, watches, bars, coins, dental gold, etc..


Important: You only pay after you have successfully sold. The initial consultation - whether on site, by phone, by email or by video - is free of charge for you. More information under Financial.

PDF-E-Book / 375 p. / Euro 29,90

E-Book - 375 S. - Euro 29,90 inkl. MwSt. zum downloaden

If you prefer to handle everything yourself, you will receive all the important information that a personally advised customer would receive: All website content including all downloads plus the names of the three main buyers and other relevant companies.


You are welcome to contact me even after purchasing the PDF e-book if there is anything that remains unclear. This check is free of charge for eight weeks after delivery. In this case, no commission is payable.


Ein Sparschwein.

The content is primarily aimed at those responsible in clubs and aid organizations, as well as one or two foundations. The donation concept helps to generate funds from members or other external sponsors, without asking them too much, bleeding them dry, or appearing rude.


The good thing: Through my advice and the tested selection of very well-paid buyers, the donated part of the sale can often be "recouped" from the donor's point of view - a clear win-win situation. So if you are a responsible person - contact me for details.

Your benefits


Ein Smiley verändert sich von neutral zu glücklich.

Personal, independent advice tailored to your situation - you won't find this anywhere else.


The chance of an average of 40 % more revenue for you compared to many "typical" local buyers.


The chance of an average of 20 % more revenue for you compared to many companies with online purchases.


No more research work required = time saved for you.


With reliable, real and in-depth testing: The best buyers from 100 companies.


And access to all of these 100 buyers - if you prefer to do your own research.



Vier Puzzleteile in verschiedenen Farben hängen aneinander.

I provide advice - in four variants - exclusively on the sale of valuables to gold buyers (possibly also through auctioneers), i.e. not on the purchase of precious metals:


1 - Sale of the objects by you.

The "typical" form of advice.


2 - Purchase of a PDF e-book or book. Instead of consultation. You sell the items.


3 - I sell the items and leave a sum of money with you. If you don't want to ship them and still want to share in the high profits. An absolutely safe option for you.


4 - I will purchase the items. If you don't want to ship, do everything immediately and maybe get a little more money than usual.



Ein Bildschirm mit einem Zeichen für Blog darauf.

Objects for purchase - from A for argentum to Z for zinc.


Old gold market - the participants in the old gold market and how this market works.


Preparation - recommendations before selling your valuables.


Sending - all options in detail plus information on how to send really securely. 


At the buyer - detailed information about the buyer's processes.


Reputability - all the background information on the business practices of the market participants. 


The test - test setup and findings from my own tests.


Notizheft, Block, Stift, Brille und Handy als tpisches Equipment.

Due to a few deaths in the family, I found myself in the situation of having to sell old gold several times and wanted to find the best buyers.


At the time, I didn't know much about selling gold. I visited a jeweler and two local gold buyers. After a rough assessment of the gold price chart for the day, the offers seemed rather low. And so I didn't sell. 


It was clear: I had to do an internet search of the market and the providers. Duration: 8-10 hours. The result: there is clearly a lot more to be gained here.


I was very surprised that the proceeds there were so much higher than with the initial research. With all due understanding for the costs and the desire to earn money. And I thought: There has to be a better, more reliable and simpler way to do this. Because even on the internet there were clear signs of unfair dealings and really bad prices. Despite stylish websites.


Of course there were also a few forums. Newspaper articles about selling gold. The buyers' websites themselves. And also the odd guide. Some of them were pretty good. But nowhere was it really bundled and coherent. 


So there were all sorts of things that were still open, but what was missing was a real gold buying advisor! Who would give you personal and individual advice. As you would expect from finances, stocks, insurance or in the tax or legal field. After all, you get direct and personal advice there. The idea of consulting was born. Because if it works for me, it works for others too. So I sat down again and looked through everything I could find on the subject on the Internet.


The result: A market overview that has never been seen before. And the best thing is: I could have achieved 7% more at the time. That would have been around 100 euros each time. So intensive research is worth it!



Eine Lupe vergrößert einen darunterliegenden Chart einer Preisentwicklung.

First, I searched the Internet for all the information I could find about purchasing companies. This led me to 100 relevant companies, which I pre-selected from around 150 buyers. All based on 140 criteria.


It quickly became clear that this number would be too large to subject each company to intensive testing.


Aim: Extraction of 30 buyers who would then be examined in real life by sending in test objects. So I subjected all 100 to a more intensive assessment - as far as that was possible (no real test by sending materials yet). Of course, I don't have everything from every buyer on all 140 criteria. But usually at least enough that the better ones emerged clearly and a real test could be scheduled.


Hypothesis: The prices on most providers' websites do not accurately reflect what is ultimately paid. Therefore, it is necessary to check real materials to find out what is really being billed and how.


The main things assessed were the price and the shipping methods, i.e. the security aspect. Supplemented by all testable criteria from the pool of 140. In particular, the cost factors, so that a net profit could be calculated taking into account 20 revenue components.



The differences between the companies were more than obvious. And so there were clear favorites. From all 100 assessed and 30 tested companies, I ultimately extracted three buyers. These deliver really good results. Since there are certain specifics that the three companies do not meet, I added other companies that have good expertise in this area.


The specific selection of the final buyer(s) then depends on, for example, the type of material or alloy, the quantity and your personal preferences.


Eine Faust schlägt aus Ärger auf einen Taschenrechner.

There are some things that are not quite ideal in the gold buying market. And what you have to be prepared for when you are thinking about selling your valuables.


Knowing about these circumstances will save you a lot of frustration when selling. I call this process "trickery". Here is an initial overview. You can find details in the blog chapter on seriousness.


The key factors are: 


1 - Price tricks (including simply bad prices). Both with local buyers and on the Internet. The prices on homepages are often wrong and, above all, misleading. Because what is often paid is something different. The prices on the gold calculators of the buyers I have examined differ by up to 25 %! And: The results often do not match the achievable price.


There are also price differences of up to 30 % on the Internet. That can easily add up to 300 euros. Problem: You cannot see this at first glance. This requires an extensive test and sensible cross-comparisons. 


2 - Quantity tricks / incorrect material information. This ultimately results in a lower price.


3 - Suggestion of size / experience / age / number of customers, which is not always correct. Suggestion of studies and/or test seals: Studies and seals are often simply bought.


4 - Reviews on portals or customer opinions: These are often not based on real business transactions and there is even a market for them (you can buy good reviews).


5 - External tests: A few are quite good. But many are paid, poorly researched or tested by only a few or randomly selected buyers.


And of course, all imaginable combinations of these methods exist. So caution is advised. It's about recognizing these schemes, avoiding them and filtering out really serious buyers.

Satisfied costumers

Here are a few testimonials from customer reviews.

About me


Ein Foto von Altgoldberater Michael Deucker.

My name is Michael Deucker. I am a business economist and banker by training. And I have developed a direct and personal advice service for selling old gold for people who would like to rely on expertise or who don't want to research everything themselves. An offer that has never existed before in this form, independent of gold buyers.


My credo is: A really good consultation situation produces good results and, at best, leaves a pleasant feeling. This applies to you as a customer as much as it does to me as a consultant. I therefore want to make the entire consultation process as open and authentic as possible. And I hope the same from my customers.


That makes the process much easier. Of course, it also serves as a trust-building element that I rely on to get in touch with you. After all, we don't know each other. And the whole thing should just feel as good as possible. For everyone involved.


So don't be surprised if I reveal one or two personal details. I owe this to my own demand for a certain level of "awareness". And I believe that appropriate transparency, especially in business life, provides a healthy basis for all of our interactions. Of course, while respecting personal boundaries. Because in the end, despite all the sobriety of events, we are simply human beings!


Eine gezeichneter Kopf mit einer "Erkenntnis-Glühbirne" darinnen.

It is clear that I am not originally a professional. That means I am not a goldsmith, jeweler or anything like that. I have also not worked directly in the area of buying old gold before.


But that is not necessary. The only important thing is to find the best buyer in each case and to be able to classify their expertise correctly. That is what makes sensible action. And ultimately, the results are what count.


Basically, this job is similar to that of a lawyer, tax advisor, market researcher or journalist: you don't necessarily have to have extensive experience in your customer's or client's field to be able to classify the facts very well. The main thing is that you get a really good result. And use your knowledge of the mechanisms behind the scenes - in this case, the gold buyer's market. Apart from that, the perspective of someone who is initially outside is always helpful.


Of course, a certain level of expertise is required. To do this, I have studied the entire subject matter in great detail. As a banker with extensive experience on the stock exchange, I am also familiar with financial market events and the actions of participants. And I have created a market platform here that bundles and analyses everything that is important. In addition, there is the  testing of buyers, which is not available anywhere else on this scale. 


Ein noch fehlendes Puzzleteil fügt sich in das Bild.

Coincidentally, at the time I was selling my own old gold, I was looking for a good, coherent idea for starting my own business. The experience I gained from selling my own old gold came in handy at just the right time.


Of course, the potential of the business idea was quickly apparent. Apart from that, dealing with the topic of gold and precious metals is also very interesting. It combines so many different areas of knowledge and interest: natural sciences, geology, history, crafts, economics, business administration. 


In addition, I am very interested in consciousness processes and system relationships. Personally and in organizations.This means: It is important to me to look at life and things from a perspective that includes everyone involved. That sees the whole without neglecting the parts. And that is exactly what I want and will incorporate into my consultation. Specifically: I do not want to take advantage of anyone. Everyone should benefit from it.


And so the whole thing became my business. With passion. And success. I am still grateful to the poorly paying jeweler and the gold buyers for my early experiences. Who would have thought that things would turn out like this? But that's life - there's always something lurking around the corner. 

So what to do!?

Viele bunte Pfeile weisen fortschrittlich und aktiv nach schräg oben.

The market for gold buyers is complex and opaque. Unfortunately, this topic also affects many comparison portals and standard tests. It's easy to lose track. And the answer to the question of the best possible result is not immediately obvious. So picking the right buyer in this environment is the art.


You might want to do a little more research yourself. Please take all the tricks into account here. If you want to sell a really unusual object, think about the alternative of an auction or a commission sale. Consider using a valuables transport service for values of around 1,000 euros or more. Or, if the distance is reasonable, drive directly to the buyer.


The best thing to do is to get advice from me. 

Because, as Mark Twain once said, “It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.” Making you aware of this situation – that is my job.

To prepare for the consultation, it is advisable to make a few considerations in advance. This simplifies the process immensely, as we can both start from the same assumptions. And important for any on-site visits: I do not run a retail store. Please email me in advance or give me a call.


I look forward to hearing from you - we can start the consultation right away.




Michael Deucker 

P.s.: Sorry, but unfortunately all of the subpages are still exclusively in German. For translations, please use Google Translator, for example.


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