A good choice when selling scrap gold

 Three good reasons to work with me:

  • Personal advice - not your usual gold purchase. Together we achieve higher profits - by selecting the best buyer (or auctioneer if necessary) for scrap gold, other precious metals or jewels.
  • Your advantage: The chance of 40% additional proceeds when selling your valuables. This corresponds to the average difference in compensation for all buyers in an own test of 100 gold purchasing enterprises.
  • With a fair commission only after a successful sale for you. Use my experiences.

Do you want to sell scrap gold & co. in the best possible way?

And ask yourself: Which gold buyer offers me the best possible value? And how do I find this buyer? Then you've come to the right place with my scrap gold advice! You can get answers here. 

Because I advise and support you. Tell you how and to whom you can best sell your valuables. As the first and so far only personal and independent advisor in Germany on the topic of “gold purchase”. 


This is particularly about

  • jewelry and watches,
  • bars and coins as well as
  • dental gold

made from all types of precious metals, i.e. gold, silver, platinum or palladium. You can find out what else is being purchased under Purchase Objects.

The whole thing is done using four different types of advice - depending on your situation. Also nationally: by telephone, email or video consultation. With fair remuneration only after the sale has been successful for you. A good choice: The fastest type of advice!

You will receive deeply researched information that will give you orientation in the thicket of this confusing market (Seriousness purchasers). And find the best possible buyer for you. Given the many challenges, it is important to pay close attention here. 

The goal: Significantly more profit for you. Despite commission (2.5 - 5%). It doesn’t matter whether the equivalent value is 100 or 5,000 euros. And without having to search the entire Internet for the appropriate buyer.

I have already done that for you. Because I too have been in the situation of selling scrap gold several times before and wanted to find out the best buyers. So take advantage of my experiences! You can find out more about the background in the menu items Your Advisor and The Test.


Suggestions for useful research can be found under User instructions. A good option: the White paper - if you prefer it to be compact (reading time: a good 20 minutes). Short note: For now I am sorry, that only the homepage you reed now is translated into english language.


Or contact me directly. We can start the consultation right away.

Michael Deucker

Altgold-Experte Michael Deucker – Altgoldberater Wiesbaden
Michael Deucker – Your expert for selling scrap gold

Scrap gold advice:

Profitable. Sensible.

With me you will find everything you should consider when selling scrap gold & co. in a compact and clear manner. 

Altgoldberatung führt zu besseren Ergebnissen bei den Goldankäufern.

Trust my expertise...

Ein Paar mit Geldscheinen in den Händen.

... for high sales proceeds!


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